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Quick Installation Guide for SmartEdge 100 Air Filter 


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1   Installing SmartEdge® 100 Air Filter

Figure 1   SmartEdge 100 Air Filter

Table 1    Order Number


Air filter, SmartEdge 100 chassis

The SmartEdge® 100 air filter that is shipped in this box is designed to filter incoming airflow before it enters the front of the chassis.

Risk of personal injury. Mechanical and electrical shock hazards are present throughout the system. Only qualified personnel are allowed to install and service the system and its components. Do not attempt to access any component inside the chassis; no user-serviceable components exist inside it.

Before installing the air filter, inspect it carefully for damage; for example, missing fasteners or tears in the filter material. Report all damage to your technical support representative.

To install the air filter:

  1. Put on an antistatic wrist strap and attach it to an appropriate grounded surface.

    Do not attach the wrist strap to a painted surface; an electrostatic discharge (ESD) convenience jack is located on the front of the chassis.

  2. Align the upper edge of the air filter with the top surface of the chassis and center the air filter left and right.

  3. Push the air filter gently against the chassis front panel by guiding the two unscrewing snap rivets into place. The unscrewing snap rivets fit into the square holes of the grill at the chassis front panel.
  4. Using a Phillips screwdriver, secure the air filter by tightening the unscrewing snap rivets until snug.
  5. Ensure that the air filter is secure.

A filter label is located on the top edge of the filter. You can use this label to record the date that you must replace the filter. Replace the air filter every three to six months, depending on the environment in which the system is installed.

If you encounter any problems installing the air filter, consult your local technical support representative.

For detailed information about the SmartEdge 100 hardware, see the hardware documentation located at