Quick Installation Guide for the Lower Air Ramp


1Installing the Lower Air Ramp
1.1Install the Air Ramp Mounting Brackets
1.2Install the Air Ramp

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1   Installing the Lower Air Ramp

Figure 1   Lower Air Ramp

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The lower air ramp is removable and designed to direct incoming airflow for proper ventilation when you install the chassis at the bottom of the rack or when you install other equipment below the chassis.

Risk of equipment damage. Improper installation of a air ramp can reduce cooling and damage a router. Always mount the air ramp at the same mounting depth as the chassis above it.

Risk of personal injury. Mechanical and electrical shock hazards are present throughout the system. Only qualified personnel are allowed to install and service the system and its components. Do not attempt to access any component inside the chassis; no user-serviceable components exist inside it.

Before installing the air ramp, inspect it carefully for damage, such as missing fasteners or bent sheet metal. Report all damage to your technical support representative.

Pairs of mounting brackets for a 19-inch rack and adapter brackets for a 23-inch rack are available for each air ramp. Each bracket requires two 10-32 x 0.25-inch flat-head screws.

1.1   Install the Air Ramp Mounting Brackets

  1. Position a mounting bracket against one side of the air ramp, lining up two of the screw holes in the bracket with two of the screw holes in the side of the air ramp. Ensure that the bracket position corresponds to the position of the chassis mounting brackets.
  2. Using a Phillips screwdriver, secure the bracket to the air ramp; tighten each screw to a maximum torque of 15.0 inch-lbs (1.7 Newton-meters).
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to install the second bracket on the other side of the air ramp.

Figure 2   Recessed Mount Position

Figure 3   Flush Mount Position

Figure 4   Extended Mount Position

Figure 5   Centered Mount Position

1.2   Install the Air Ramp

Figure 6   Positioning the Lower Air Ramp

  1. Position the air ramp just below the chassis so that the screw holes in the air ramp mounting brackets are aligned with the screw holes in the rack just below the chassis.
  2. Using the Phillips screwdriver, secure the air ramp to the rack or extension hardware with four 12-24 or equivalent screws; tighten each screw to a maximum torque of 15.0 inch-lbs (1.7 Newton-meters).

If you encounter problems installing the lower air ramp, contact your local technical support representative.

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