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Changes to Default System Behavior 

SmartEdge OS, Release

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Changes to Default System Behavior in Release
2.1New System Logger Format
2.2Changes to Default BGF Behavior
2.3Changes to IS-IS Fast Convergence Behavior


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1   Introduction

This document describes the changes to the default system behavior that are introduced in Release of the SmartEdge® OS. For software installation and upgrade instructions, see Technical Product Description. For details about the new and enhanced software features and the new hardware in this release, see Installing Release

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2   Changes to Default System Behavior in Release

This release introduces the following changes to default system behavior.

2.1   New System Logger Format

With this release, along with the introduction of Log Messages Guide, formatting of system logger messages is enhanced for supported modules (ATM and CSM for Release With the enhanced format, modules conforming to the new standard contain entries in the UID field that uniquely identify each log message. The log messages now have the format timestamp: %facility-severity-UID:text.

For example, the following message displays the old UID format:

Nov 19 00:34:03: %ATM-6-ERR: %s Cannot update profile to non-UBR shaping on sar image type (%d)

The UID ATM-6-ERR was not a unique ID. Now the messages have unique UIDs. The following message shows the new format; the unique ID isATM-6-SHAPTYPE2_ERR :

Nov 19 00:34:03: %ATM-6-SHAPTYPE2_ERR: operation= %s, Cannot update profile non-UBR shaping on sar image type (%d)

These format changes may impact scripts or utilities that rely on string comparisons of current log message output.

2.2   Changes to Default BGF Behavior

In this release, the border gateway function (BGF) no longer sends the 412 (No Context Available) error code in cases where the virtual media gateway (VMG) limit is reached. Instead, it sends the 510 (Insufficient Resources) error code.

2.3   Changes to IS-IS Fast Convergence Behavior

Fast convergence is now enabled on all Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS) interfaces by default. Use the no fast-convergence command in IS-IS configuration mode to disable fast convergence for an IS-IS instance. In previous releases, fast convergence was disabled on all interfaces by default and had to be enabled with the fast-convergence command.


border gateway function
Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System
virtual media gateway

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