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Recovering Passwords

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1Recovering Passwords

1   Recovering Passwords

If you have forgotten the system password, you can use the boot ROM interface on the SmartEdge router to disable logon authentication on the console port to log on and configure a new password. This process disables the administrator authentication only for a single console port logon.

To perform this procedure, you must access the SmartEdge router through the console port (Craft 2) on the active controller card.

To recover a lost password, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the boot ROM interface (that is, get to the ok prompt):
    1. Enter the reload command (in CLI exec mode) from the console port:
    2. Watch the reload progress messages carefully. When the following message appears, immediately type se*:

    Auto-boot in 5 seconds - press se* to abort, ENTER to boot:

    If you typed se* within 5 seconds, the boot ROM ok prompt appears. The system sets the auto-boot time limit to 5 seconds, however, during some operations, such as a release upgrade, the system sets the time-limit to one second to speed up the process, then returns it to 5 seconds when the system reboots. (If you missed the time limit, the reload continues; start again with step a.)

  1. Disable administrator authentication at the console port for a single console logon; enter the following bootrom command:

    ok setenv user-auth? false

  2. Reset the hardware and boot the system; enter the following bootrom command:

    ok reset

  3. Modify the enable and administrator account passwords:
    1. After the system has booted, press Enter at the console port.

      The system does not prompt for a username and password.

    2. Access global configuration mode; enter the following command (in exec mode) in the operating system CLI:


    3. Access context configuration mode; enter the following command (in global configuration mode):

      context local

    4. Create an enable password for privileged access to the system, or modify the enable password; enter the following command (in context configuration mode):

      enable password [level level] password

    5. Create a new administrator account to access the system, or modify the password for an existing administrator account; enter the following command (in context configuration mode):

      administrator admin-name password password

  4. Use the new administrator account and the enable password for subsequent access to the system.