SmartEdge Border Gateway Function 11.1.2




Functional Aspects


Operation and Maintenance


Acronyms and Abbreviations

Reference List

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Trademark List
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1   Introduction

1.1   Scope

This document describes functional changes affecting the 11.1.2 release of the SmartEdge® Border Gateway Function (BGF). It also describes the new hardware that is available with this product release.

Note: This document does not describe all SmartEdge BGF features; it describes only those that are new or enhanced in the current release. For an extensive description of SmartEdge BGF, refer to SmartEdge Border Gateway Function, Reference [1].

1.2   Audience

Engineers who want brief technical information about what is new in this release of the SmartEdge BGF; for example:

2   Functional Aspects

2.1   Hardware

For optional features Secure RTP and MSRP B2BUA, ASE2 cards are required.

2.1.1   Removed hardware

There is no removed hardware in this release.

2.2   Software

For detailed description of the new functionality, refer to SmartEdge Border Gateway Function, Reference [1]. For a description of the impact on surrounding network elements, refer to SmartEdge OS Release, Reference [2].

The following new functionality is added in this release. For detailed descriptions, refer to SmartEdge Border Gateway Function, Reference [1].

The following Trouble Reports have been fixed in this release:

3   Operation and Maintenance

The following new configuration commands are added.

For secure RTP support:

(config)#asp pool pool-name service media-gateway
(config-license)#media-gateway srtp password


For Increasing the maximum number of steams per call when the multimedia license is configured:

(config-mg)#[no] maximum streams-per-call value

For command details, refer to SmartEdge configuration guide.

4   Acronyms and Abbreviations

BGF Border Gateway Function
CoS Class of Service
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DoS Denial of Service
DSCP Differentiated Services Code Point
GE Gigabit Ethernet
GE1020 Gigabit Ethernet 1020
GE3 Gigabit Ethernet 3
GE4 Gigabit Ethernet 4
IKE Internet Key Exchange
IPCP IP Control Protocol
IPsec IP Security
ISSU In-service Software Upgrade
L2 Layer 2
L2TP Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
L3 Layer 3
LAC L2TP Access Concentrator
LDP Label Distribution Protocol
LSP Label-switched path
MAC Medium Access Control
MIB Management Information Base
MIC Media Interface Card
NAPT Network Address Port Translation
NAS Network Access Server
NAT Network Address Translation
PPP Point-to-Point Protocol
PPPoE Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet
PVC Permanent Virtual Circuit
QoS Quality of Service

Reference List

[1] SmartEdge Border Gateway Function, 155 13-CRA 119 1170/1 Uen
[2] SmartEdge OS Release, 8/109 48-CRA 119 1170/1 Uen