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Changes to Default System Behavior 

SmartEdge OS for SmartEdge Routers , Release 6.3.1

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Changes to Default System Behavior in Release
2.1IPv6 Subscriber Licensing
2.2Automatic Upgrades of Fan Tray Controller Firmware


Changes to Default System Behavior in Release
3.1security-mode Command Deprecated
3.2NTP Client Configuration
3.3QoS Internal Priority


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1   Introduction

This document describes the changes to the default system behavior introduced in Release 6.3.1 of the SmartEdge® OS for SmartEdge routers. For software installation and upgrade instructions, see the installation documentation for your specific release listed in Reference List. For details about the new and enhanced software features and the new hardware in this release, see Reference [3].

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2   Changes to Default System Behavior in Release

2.1   IPv6 Subscriber Licensing

The SmartEdge router now requires you to enable an IPv6 subscriber license before you configure IPv6 subscriber services.

In software license configuration mode, use the subscriber command as follows to enable an IPv6 subscriber license on the SmartEdge router:

subscriber active ipv6 sub-num password password

Replace the sub-num argument with the number of active subscriber sessions licensed, using one of the following keywords:

Replace the password argument with the unencrypted paid license password required to enable the IPv6 subscriber function.

2.2   Automatic Upgrades of Fan Tray Controller Firmware

In previous releases, fan tray controller firmware was not automatically upgraded when the system software was upgraded. As a result, the firmware could become out of date, causing fan tray alarms after a software upgrade. Starting with Release, fan tray controller firmware is automatically upgraded along with system software for the SmartEdge 1200 and SmartEdge 1200H routers.

3   Changes to Default System Behavior in Release

This release introduces the following changes to default system behavior.

3.1   security-mode Command Deprecated

The security-mode mode command (in context configuration mode) has been deprecated. This command was previously used when configuring a context to provide ASE-based service on traffic. Now, the same functionality is enabled by the existing asp-group command. For existing deployments upgrading to Release 6.3, any existing security-mode configuration is accepted and is not processed; when the save configuration command is used, security-mode configuration is automatically removed. This functionality is not required to enable a context to provide ASE-based service on traffic. No action is required.

3.2   NTP Client Configuration

For legacy NTP configuration statements ntp {server | peer}ip-addr [context-name], if they were not entered with context name (optional), they would be by default associated to context local. In release, these legacy NTP configuration statements in global configuration mode will be automatically translated and moved within context local. When those configuration statements are associated to a specific context, then these legacy global configuration statements will be translated to the specific context.

3.3   QoS Internal Priority

For IPv4, by default the internal priority is propagated to the IP header for the outgoing packets. For IPv6, this propagation does not occur. The behavior is unchanged for IPv4.


Advanced Services Engine
Network Time Protocol

Reference List

[1] Installing Release
[2] Installing Release
[3] Technical Product Description, SmartEdge OS for SmartEdge Routers, Release 6.3.1.